Day at Field of cherry trees

November 3, 2015 – INIA Rayentue, VI Region. INIA and Biofrutales invited their associates to the Day at Field of cherry trees in INIA Rayentue, place of one of the selection fields of the ┬áINIA/Biofrutales Cherry Genetic Improvement Program.


The aim of the cherry Breeding Program is to develop new varieties of cherries with features such as fruit quality, productiveness and postharvest. The program has two evaluation sites, one located in the IV region (INIA Intihuasi) where the purpose is to select cherries with low-chill requirements and the other in the VI region (INIA Rayentue) where cherries are selected for the central- southern zone.


The selection and evaluation areas were visited, reviewing the promising results of the program with the associated companies. These type of activities are key to the consortium, as they allow the obtention of information from the industry regarding new trends, opportunities and what is available on the market, maintaining the consortium and their researches aware of the needs and generation of the value for the sector.